9/11 Syndrome: May War Not Become Animosity 

In the wake of the conflict of Israel and Palestine, may we recall the propaganda, animosity, and vigilant attitude that was spread towards anyone of Middle Eastern and Muslim backgrounds post 9/11. May the tables not be flipped in either direction. The global animosity and hatred of areas the size of New Jersey is astounding and not favorably to anyone. The protests and propaganda is Nazi Germany proportions. There was a song and video by the late Prince that was released 20 years ago titled "Cinnamon Girl", it tackled the hatred that abounded post 9/11 towards Brown Skinned citizens. The creation was weaved into the story of a young Girl that was of mixed heritage, was targeted, and consequently seemingly pushed over the edge after 9/11. The video albeit banned from the likes of MTV at the time of its release was created to "Make people think" Prince 2004.


"A child dying is a child dying." Prince 2004