A Conversation

With Tova


· Tova Friedman,Speaker,Holocaust,Passover,Human Rights

I had repost this yesterday. On the cusp of Passover there is a conversation with speaker and holocaust survivor Tova Friedman that was conducted 6 years ago. The succinct description of the systematic calculated effort cultivated by the Nazi regime in it's extermination of Jewish, Romani, Disabled, Elderly, Children, Resistance members, anyone of color, so on so forth. The calculation of murdering the Elders, then Leadership, frequently the children were murdered prior to the parents particuliarly during the liquidation of the ghettos, then the parents. Any oppressor operates in such a form, the psychological and turmoil they enact is to discombobulate, break down, and dismantling of earmarked people.

Edison BOE

Present footage has revealed the reality of what is occuring towards the Uyghur people in China. The residence of over 2 million Uyghur people Men, Women, and Children are concentration camps. Guards are trained to "Shoot To Murder." Genocide is occuring while this is posted.