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I am elated at the moment for the blessing of being embossomed by a BET audience that was streamed at the Los Angeles Convention Center and on a radio station I performed for a short time ago. I was cautious ahead of time of "There could those in that audience that may not want you there, Be cognizant you might receive static due to your appeareance, keep in mind you are mixed blooded and lighter skinned at that there may not be a favoriable reception towards you." I became cognizant when I opened the song with a falsetto whistle note because I wasn't sold on that a piercing whistle would be commanding that I am capable of operating would be at it's capacity therefore I held it there however the host smiled as well as shook his head "Yeah" that the reception towards me was going to be positive. I figured "I'm present might as well give it what you have on hand whether it sounds on the intended key or not give it what you have."

The radio station that hosted the event were receptive albeit when my voice became slightly hoarse mid song rooted in seasonal allergies/asthma thus adjusted it slightly to accomodate it. There is nothing else you can do in those instances but work through it.

I am exhilerated per usual when I am blessed to perform, God is good. God bless them and the performers. Thank you 2HotRadio, Black Ink, BET Weekend Los Angeles, and the Los Angeles Convention Center again for having me! When asked what artist would I like to collab with the most I said Mariah Carey and Prince prior to his passing. They followed it by "You look like her (Mariah Carey) somewhat too." I replied "Thank you!" A blessed Saturday night. The beginning of an actual dream I've wanted my entire life gradually but surely a reality.