Haka Warriors

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Having gravitated to the prior post of geneology I've further been nominated on exploring our Micronesian/Melanesian/Austronesian fairly distant roots. Basically this is what we are and were...

Andre Antunes

Are we tough and raised to be? Sure we wouldn't be here if we weren't being we are a minority. Basically like American Indigenous and Latin American which my people have a wide knowledge of those more predominate lines we're good decent people just don't screw with us that's it. We're merely "savage" for what is called for because we're brutal mean mutha's basically when provoked. lol We are aware of specifically Chamarro but it will be a be an effort to garner specifics on who the 2 other lines come from being Oceanic region lines aren't that simplistic to trace because we are speaking of Indigenous peoples that live out more or less that don't want to be bothered therefore often not documented and no one can blame them. Some have had more contact than others.