Murder In Big Horn

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"Being a Woman (Native) makes me a target." Murder in Big Horn

Being among those that have been shouting against this epidemic at last the epidemic of violence and crime committed against our peoples brought to the forefront. Criminals of varying degrees perceive us targets due to they are aware law have track records of being inactive when egregious crimes are committed against us, and the impoverished areas, the desolate the regions, the increased instance it is. A Woman put it this way "We have been targeted since colonization." Overly factual statement! Episode 2 of the believed to have been Sex Trafficked subject of ,Selena Not Afraid, for example. The episode speaks on the Sex Trafficking of Native Girls and Women.

We're fairgame and targets which is why there is such extreme crime and violence committed towards us. Perpetrators are aware they can enact crimes in impunity towards Native Girls and Women particuliarly.


"She was 'another dead Indian'. These cases aren't 'True Crime' to us. These are our relatives." Murder in Big Horn