Nutcracker Hot Chocolate

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There is a documentary about Debbie Allen's Nutcracker Hot Chocolate. The essence of the documentary speaks on the tenacity it takes to be a dancer and it can be gauged those of us that have been trained. We're tough as nails. It requires a great deal to train like that and dance at that level at any point in our lives therefore we're not easily pulled a part. We train and work like gymnasts. The documentary conveys a great deal of aspects of life in relation to classically based dance. Truth is life is difficult for most and you better be prepared for it. That training is what propels those of us that have it towards excellence in life in any form. It is where some of my fortitude, boldness, and tenacity stems from hence why I can't relate to anything less or beneath to be bold on it. We are athletes no doubt about it. It is factual to enter into the realm of professional or pre professional dance it is a small window of time. Usually professional careers begin in early 20's sometimes teens, pre-professional typically pre-teen to mid teens. Many retire their professional career long before 40 or in some instances 30, it's a brutal field that doesn't always have grade A pay. Few have the capability to dance professionally throughout the duration of their life. There are some.