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"No life is not unjust. Humans we are unjust." Survivor of Ethnic Cleanser and Dictator Francisco Franco


There is a documentary titled "The Silence of Others" on the subject of the atrocities committed by Spanish dictator and ethnic cleanser General Francisco Franco. His reign of mass extermination during WWII era, similiar to Hitler, Franco's implimentation of concentration camps, torture, human experimentation, mass rape, so on so forth were prevalent. The documentary was filmed over 6 years and surrounds the notion of survivors seeking justice and furthermore the challenges they have encountered following the atrocities.

The death toll of Franco ranged from 100,000 - 200,000. The era of crimes against humanity within the borders of Spain under Franco's tyrrany lasted 1936 - 1975. The nearly 40 year reign was coined "The White Terror." Per usual of any genocide the targets of the regime were Spanish Republicans, Liberals, Leftists, Protestants, Intellectuals, LGTBQ, Freemasons, Jews, Romanis, Basque, Catalan, Andalusian, and Galician nationalists. Similiar to Cambodia, the American Holocaust of Natives, and the present genocide of the Uyghur people of China it is a swept under the rug Genocide having been dubbed "The Spanish Civil War." Truth is it was not a war, it was a massacre and holocaust.

It was and has been for certain an example of the silence of others that idly enacted nothing to cease the ethnic and religious cleansing of nearly 40 years unlike Hitler's reign of Nazism which lasted 12 years. Grimly and unlike Hitler however Franco was hailed by political leaders around the globe. There are those in the 2020's that support Franco's idealogy during public displays of his rule donning "Hacer que Estados Unidos Vuelva A Ser Grande."

" signs. It is the genocide that has been granted minimal media coverage, next to no curriculm nor education on the atrocities of the era, and lack of international outcry in support of survivors as well as those which lost their lives at the hand of Franco.