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I had reposted this several days following the passing of Tina Turner in which I had posted on her 2021 HBO documentary during it's debut. I had spoken on her story resonated with me being a survivor of the similiar and umbrella of violence that she herself had not merely survived but entirely conquered having been forthright on as well as the notion of rebuilding self, career, life from the shambles of it. Having worked with some of the most renowned brands, UN Women assisting in molding their Global Compact and Commitments that survivors being at the forefront of Social Impact work. l've worked with large scale Corporations, Non- Profits, Performed and Modeled for New York Fashion Week, Brooklyn Fashion Week, Signed by 2 agencies, won several awards for Human Rights, trained by or auditioned for some of the largest dance venues in the world, soon to be officer of the court, have other projects in the works I won't announce until they're completed and public knowledge, had mainstream articles published on me, had laws passed or changed, and at last have an opportunity to be embosomed by Brown and Black audiences for the Artist I am invariably to be in any capacity. That I do belong there with the prime of them and always have. Needless to say her resolution, life, tenacity, and artistry impacted me tremedously.

There will not be another Tina Turner. God Bless her loved ones and her legacy. Her artistry was and is unparelled.


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