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The final evening of Yom Kippur. Services have a recalling the millions of lives taken, the youth freedom fighters, and survivors of the Holocaust. It is refered as the Kaddish of remembrance or mourners Kaddish. Children and Teens typically recant the words of survivors and those that were murdered in the holocaust.


There is further speaking of the Yom Kippur War. Israel has always been under attack however God has always had his hand on the people, we are his chosen people we would be dead otherwise. It is miraculous we have moved forward.

It is heart-wrenching in a commanding respect to take part in Yom Kippur be it a Jew, Christian or both, none of the schemes of Hitler, those that that subscribe to those diabolical maniacle credences, slavery, the attacks of Satan, none of that conquered the people of God. We have been prosperous in spite of it. There was a powerful special I've posted several times MTV created in the mid 2000's for their #Think campaign titled "I'm Still Here - Holocaust Survivors Diaries." It is the recollection of journal entries of youths under the age of 25 during the holocaust. Many were murdered by their tormentors but their words live on a reverberating gong of "Never Again" but it has occured again and again Rwanda, Myanmar, and China to state a few.

Museum of Jewish Heritage

A major motion picture depiction of Anne Frank's final moments prior to capture by Nazi forces not so unheard of the atrocities committed upon the millions of youths and people murdered during the holocaust.