BET Awards Weekend Nomination

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Having auditioned entirely acapella, no mic, no vocal techy enhancements, at 9 pm at night, 60 seconds maximum, reserved vocal extent (being if you harshly belt into an iphone or any phone camera/audio particuliarly acapella most frequently it will sound flat, off key, and or distorted like how you handle a mic kind of), for 2Hot Radio's BET Awards Weekend I am pleased to announce I have entered the nominations to perform for the occassion. To nominate me go to the link in the tab below

There is a nomination section, type my name Leilani Kristina and follow the directions on the website. Theater pays off and sim it is a cover of the Mariah Carey song Fantasy in Mezzo Soprano.

Thank you 2HotRadio! Mahalo everyone for the support and aloha!