The Rape of

Nanking and

'Comfort Women.'

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I had posted on this June 1st following AAPI Heritage Month.

There is a period in herstory during WWII that is seldom spoken of - it has not been recognized for the genocide that is was. These war crimes were committed in impunity and minutely to no reparations were granted to survivors. It was coined ,The Rape of Nanking, committed by Imperial Japan. The regime further enacted similar violations of human rights particularly that of Girls and Women of Guam towards the Chamarro people, Korea that 80% of 'Comfort Women' aka the Sex Trafficking of Korean Girls as well as Women were enacted, Papua, the occupation of Andaman, so on so forth. There were 106 instances of crimes against humanity committed by Imperial Japan. The government of Japan have maintained either their innocence to these well recorded crimes or trivialized it.

It was not until the 1980's these crimes were publicly spoken of by survivors. It was merely a decade ago a campaign was cultivated to demand justice for survivors particuliarly "Comfort Women" that many weren't Women whatsoever but pre-pubescent Girls.

The stories are disconcerting and factual. Viewer discretion is advised.

USC Shoah Foundation


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Like Jewish, Christianity, etc etc in Asiatic cultures sexual servitude or the recipient of sexual violence it is the ultimate degradation.